About us:

In 2018 alone, global funding for fintech startups raised over $111.8 Billion*. Yes $111.8 Billion and there are many good reasons why. The impact of the technological disruption in the finance industry continues to grow and becomes more vast and exciting. Keeping up with the cultural currents and business events reshaping the world and its impact on the global fintech scene can be difficult. We’re here to make it easier & fun to digest!

Fintech Rush is the foremost source for tracking the various changes and keeping up with the latest opinions, discussions and trends within the fintech landscape. By showcasing the latest news, opinions and blog posts on fintech around the world, Fintech Rush is becoming the Fintech news site for people both within and beyond the industry.

By creating an engaged community, we spare readers the impossible task of monitoring an abundance of news sites, tweets, and status updates.

Founders & Origin:

Fintech Rush was founded in 2019 by Australian entrepreneurs Dan Siepen and Vaibhav Namburi. They’re both natural community-builders and are influencers within the startup and technology industry in Australia, but were both lacking an understanding of the Fintech industry in Australia and worldwide. They believe in value creation, and the best way to create this is through building an online scalable and sustainable community which provides a comprehensive and open-source view of the fintech industry as a whole.